Friday, February 2, 2007

Wanna See?

Two posts in one day, sorry. But I finally got around to taking pictures of this beautiful place and thought you all might wanna see what it really looks like! (I took them on my snow day on Wednesday, so that is why their are specks of white on some of them) Yes, it really does snow in New Mexico you ignorant people you!

This is the tunnel under the interstate and off of Route 66. Rehoboth is like another world on the other side, and you barely see it from the interstate, so people say that there is a 'tunnel effect'
My room. This is only half of it. My roommate Jena has the exact mirror of this. Except it's more organized.
The outside of the dorm. So Jon, did you really roof this baby?
The hogbacks (and the church parking lot). If the snow will just go away, I'd go hiking back in there. Soon I might get a chance to go horseback riding there!
The art building! This is the side that people see, which also happens to be the side that doesn't show the massive cracks in the walls. This place is literally going to fall apart. Especially since they are building a new gym behind it.

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