Sunday, May 27, 2007


Check this out! It's a quiz to figure out which Peanuts character you are. You would never guess which one I am! ok... I'll just tell you. I was Pig Pen! I took it again and I was Snoopy though! That fit better: fearless though cautious, you can be pretty quiet and can catch the attention of anyone with your intelligence and've got multiple personalities.

k... now a real blog:
Summer. Oh summer. Slow, enjoyable summer. Weddings. Roadtrips. Unemployment.

Well, that last one's a newbie for me, but all the same it is summer and life is good. The only bad stuff is that last bit about no job. I'm working on it but nothing coming. Lots of back up plans. AusPaire (sp?) (overseas nannying). Girls ranch. Urban Homeworks.

Enough about that! God will provide. For now: Live it up my friends. LIVE IT UP! It's my last summer. So far this summer I have enjoyed 2 visits with Chris and Amanda, my little brothers graduation (wierd!) and a free trip to Florida. Can't beat that now can ya? And on top of it all, I get to go to California this week with 3 amazing people to see 2 amazing people get married, and see 1 amazing ocean! like I said: LIVE IT UP!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Can I vent?

So no one ever commented on my gorgeous Church Rock kids. What is up with that!?

But now I gotta vent. I wanna say something and I want people to hear it, so I guess this is my venue for that.

You know how we are always saying things like "As Christians...." I hate that phrase. Well, maybe that isn't quite appropriate to say, cuz I have said it too. But I just don't like it and find it completely dualistic. It's like we are saying "The Christian part of us should feel or do this...." or that we have to remind ourselves of the fact that we are Christians or something. I just feel like this phrase is evidence of the dualistic behavior of our culture. I hope that we can slowly eliminate this phrase from our lingo because I think non-Christians here that and sub-consciously or even consciously laugh. And I don't blame them.

Sorry about that, but I had to get it out. Let me know what you think. Next time I'll be more upbeat, I promise :)