Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crevice wetness

How many blondes does it take to cross a river?
One to take a dive
Two to throw a tire in
Three to cross correctly
and one to walk across like the tires aren't even there.
Well, we weren't all blondes, but the story sure doesn't show it. This was supposed to be a road, but we decided to walk/find our own path instead of push a car through it. It took us three chances before we found a spot that actually worked for us. And, as you can tell, it only sort of worked.

This is the crevice. We were essentially climbing right in between two rocks, suspending ourselves between them. This was by far the scariest par as we had to round a corner and run across to safety. Below we have a long stretch of crevice which was scary but really, the only fear would be getting stuck by dropping too far down into the crevice. It's probably the most awkward thing I will ever do. At the end of the crevice you pretty much fall out of the rock and into.....

....A small lake! I had this bright idea of giving myself a little extra momentum as to get out of the puddle quicker, but really I just got myself in deeper. I was soaked! and the 1/2 mile hike back to the car against strong winds (the very winds that made this crevice) didn't help any. This was actually a week ago, so no pneumonia whatsoever. Praise the Lord!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Church Rock...What's missing?

Every Tuesday after school, I go over to Church Rock and give them their first real experience with art class. It's afterschool, so the kids are still really crazy. And we are in a gymnasium which has a tai kwon do class going on at the same time. So it is a huge challenge, but these kids are great!

This is Shawn. He is making a turtle. He's my favorite (Don't tell!) This week he asked me to bring him a plastic bag because he doesn't have a backpack! How sad!
These are two kindergarteners who somehow made better turtles than any other age group. I don't get how that works out. But they sure are pleased with themselves! (0r maybe they just like getting their picture taken!
Survey: What is missing from this picture? It should be obvious to you considering that this road comes from Church Rock and is going to interesect with Highway 66. Answer next week.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just Gallup

No big traveling this weekend. Which is probably a good thing, because most of us are completely exhausted from teaching full time. I can't imagine what next year is going to look like teaching full time all the time all on my own!

So yeah, this weekend we just hung out around Gallup. We went shopping some downtown and went to the flea market (again!) ate at Grandpa's Grill, and so on. This morning we went to a church on the Reservation. That was quite the experience. People are walking in and out during most of the service. It is just really laid back and people can show up late because timeliness is not a part of the Navajo culture. They go back and forth between Navajo and English all the time which can get real confusing. I tried singing along with the Navajo songs, but gave up quickly enough. Not that they would care or anything. Navajo are probably the most accepting people I will ever know.

There was a small meal afterwards too, so we got to meet a few of the church members. One lady asked us if we could help her with a term paper she was writing for a UNM English class. So she is coming by tomorrow night and we are all gonna help her with that.

Pretty soon we are going to play street hockey right outdoors here and then take a hike through "The Crevice" I'm sure there will be pictures of that coming sooner or later.
Hey, check out my candles!! Thanks Lora! And be forever jealous all who are restricted from such activities! (Malicious snickering ensues)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This is a picture my cooperating teacher drew as I taught a class for him. Apparently that's my new nickname. This just shows how awesome the guys I work with are! I did alot of teaching these last few days. I was also observed by my professor at Dordt, Mrs. Dr. K. Good times, great oldies. Actually it did go quite well. She was very encouraging. Monday was pretty much perfect.
Today on the other hand, well. One student just ruined it for me. He really got to me. At least I didn't let him know it! But I'm working on it. I might just have to get rid of him on Thursday! (insert evil laugh here). Actually it really kills me to just send him to the principal.
I totally like Jr. High. At least here I do. They are squirrely, yes, but they still have respect and they are amazingly creative and engaged in art and in conversation. It's a beautiful thing. (even though one of 'em stole from me last week. The little punk hardly even recognized what he was doing was wrong!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

So we stayed at the Shumate's (Donna and Mark) in Albuquerque this weekend. Man, I'm getting good at spelling Albuquerque! Anyway, they have an amazing home, full of art from all over the world. This is some of the African art. They also had this huge screen from Asia with gold painting. BEAUTIFUL!

This is one of those that I just couldn't stop looking at. I just don't get it, you know?

Now for Santa Fe, our real purpose in traveling this weekend. This is the miraculous staircase of the Chapel of Loretta. It's made without nails. "Defies engineering logic" Did you hear that Hjon and Chris?

I love being an art teacher! I get to take pictures of things other people can't. Like this amazingly CRAZY horse/warrior thing. Another thing I don't get but totally love because of it. I hope it's ok that I'm posting it... mmmmm..... please don't get me into trouble!

The oldest church in the U.S. cool, huh?

Classic Santa Fe.

Yep, that's right. I'm tainted. I've gambled away 1 whole dollar. But I must say, I almost made 1.80! but then I gambled it away. I can't be trusted, I just can't.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

All in a day

The flea market a few weeks ago. Ghost town right? This is the real flea market.
This is an Arab dude trying to sell us stuff. These guys are good. All the merchants were amazing! So many stories! One dude used to make jewelry for Cher and other celebrities. I had a conversation with another Arab who is from Jerusalem and we just chatted a little bit. Another guy was in the movie Skinwalkers. He told us he was the guy in the birthday suit. What do you say to that?
Fire in the hole! Whoa, that's a big hole!
A fountain by Window Rock that we got a little creative with

Hiding in our own corner of Canyon de Chelley

We kinda got stuck in the canyon for a few hours cuz Eric had to hold the place together

Some of us, unfortunately not me, took a short cut down this crevice. But I got to take some amazing pictures!!

Paul Caponigro took some amazing pictures of Canyon de Chelly once upon a time. This is sort of like his (but his is in black and white)
And this is me one-upping Mr. Caponigro!

(And this is completely my own)

So lots of pictures today... but I just found out how to add more than 5! Hope you enjoyed them!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Wanna See?

Two posts in one day, sorry. But I finally got around to taking pictures of this beautiful place and thought you all might wanna see what it really looks like! (I took them on my snow day on Wednesday, so that is why their are specks of white on some of them) Yes, it really does snow in New Mexico you ignorant people you!

This is the tunnel under the interstate and off of Route 66. Rehoboth is like another world on the other side, and you barely see it from the interstate, so people say that there is a 'tunnel effect'
My room. This is only half of it. My roommate Jena has the exact mirror of this. Except it's more organized.
The outside of the dorm. So Jon, did you really roof this baby?
The hogbacks (and the church parking lot). If the snow will just go away, I'd go hiking back in there. Soon I might get a chance to go horseback riding there!
The art building! This is the side that people see, which also happens to be the side that doesn't show the massive cracks in the walls. This place is literally going to fall apart. Especially since they are building a new gym behind it.

A good day

Last week friday I left school quite frustrated by how things have been going. Today was much different. I played a game with the 8th graders (Two Truths and a Lie) to help them get to know me a little more. After that, the mood in the classroom was completely different. Next week I am teaching like 95 % so we have to be good to go. And I think I am! I'm getting closer and closer to the point where I am willing to actually apply for this job.

A cat followed a student to yearbook class today. I remembered that we had cat food in the dorm (for some unknown reason) so I brought her back and gave her lunch while I had mine. She was REALLY hungry because she literally attacked the food as I poured it into the bowl! She followed me back to the art building most of the way, but then some 8th graders caught her attention. She was starting to get a little obnoxious with her constant meowing, so I didn't mind. It was probably a good thing we parted while I still wasn't too attached :)
For any of you who maybe trying to call me, I will have my cell back up and running by Tuesday. Hakuna Matata.