Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Antidote

This is a sloth. A sloth is very slothful. He only poops once a week. He moves so little that some varieties turn green from the algae that grow on them. They are pathetic creatures. But he looks soft to pet at least! Yeah zoos and random knowledge!
I am no longer a sloth. My summer has been over for some time now, exterme-a-ly busy with grad school classes. This is my last week of it being technically vacation and I am soon to return to teaching and have a slight overlap with being a student as well. My summer will be very officially and incredibly over. The only reason for my confidence in the school year is that I made it last year and I was extreme-a-ly busy then with all the activities of moving in to an apartment, establishing residency in a new state, etc. I'll make it, it just won't look pretty. My busyness is going to prevent me from blogging much. But I do have some teaser questions for you: How much stock do you put in dreams? And almost unrelated, but potentially very related: How does God communicate? More on that later..... I think...