Saturday, February 24, 2007

Church Rock...What's missing?

Every Tuesday after school, I go over to Church Rock and give them their first real experience with art class. It's afterschool, so the kids are still really crazy. And we are in a gymnasium which has a tai kwon do class going on at the same time. So it is a huge challenge, but these kids are great!

This is Shawn. He is making a turtle. He's my favorite (Don't tell!) This week he asked me to bring him a plastic bag because he doesn't have a backpack! How sad!
These are two kindergarteners who somehow made better turtles than any other age group. I don't get how that works out. But they sure are pleased with themselves! (0r maybe they just like getting their picture taken!
Survey: What is missing from this picture? It should be obvious to you considering that this road comes from Church Rock and is going to interesect with Highway 66. Answer next week.

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