Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This is a picture my cooperating teacher drew as I taught a class for him. Apparently that's my new nickname. This just shows how awesome the guys I work with are! I did alot of teaching these last few days. I was also observed by my professor at Dordt, Mrs. Dr. K. Good times, great oldies. Actually it did go quite well. She was very encouraging. Monday was pretty much perfect.
Today on the other hand, well. One student just ruined it for me. He really got to me. At least I didn't let him know it! But I'm working on it. I might just have to get rid of him on Thursday! (insert evil laugh here). Actually it really kills me to just send him to the principal.
I totally like Jr. High. At least here I do. They are squirrely, yes, but they still have respect and they are amazingly creative and engaged in art and in conversation. It's a beautiful thing. (even though one of 'em stole from me last week. The little punk hardly even recognized what he was doing was wrong!!

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Nikki said...

Friend, I love that picture - it makes me laugh! I'm so glad your day being observed by Mrs. Dr. K. went well. Can you believe you're down to 2 1/2 weeks? Just to prepare you for what you're coming back to, it's currently -8 degrees with a much colder windchill....! Love ya my dear!