Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just Gallup

No big traveling this weekend. Which is probably a good thing, because most of us are completely exhausted from teaching full time. I can't imagine what next year is going to look like teaching full time all the time all on my own!

So yeah, this weekend we just hung out around Gallup. We went shopping some downtown and went to the flea market (again!) ate at Grandpa's Grill, and so on. This morning we went to a church on the Reservation. That was quite the experience. People are walking in and out during most of the service. It is just really laid back and people can show up late because timeliness is not a part of the Navajo culture. They go back and forth between Navajo and English all the time which can get real confusing. I tried singing along with the Navajo songs, but gave up quickly enough. Not that they would care or anything. Navajo are probably the most accepting people I will ever know.

There was a small meal afterwards too, so we got to meet a few of the church members. One lady asked us if we could help her with a term paper she was writing for a UNM English class. So she is coming by tomorrow night and we are all gonna help her with that.

Pretty soon we are going to play street hockey right outdoors here and then take a hike through "The Crevice" I'm sure there will be pictures of that coming sooner or later.
Hey, check out my candles!! Thanks Lora! And be forever jealous all who are restricted from such activities! (Malicious snickering ensues)


honeyhair said...

Hey Becca!
Can't really believe I haven't been to your blog yet, whoops! I'm really glad to hear that Rehobeth is going well for you - it must be weird to think that you're already almost done there, eh?
Student teaching, I am finding, is simultaneously the most rewarding and mind-blowingly frustrating thing I've ever done. I'm looking forward to swapping stories with you in a couple weeks!

Nikki said...

Hey Beautiful! I'm glad you had a nice week - I hope you had/are having a great President's Day off :) I'll let my mom know you're up for making batiks - we're doing an exciting African redo of my bathroom downstairs - I'll make sure we leave a space for a batik ;) Have a great day!
Love ya!

bittersweet leaves said...

Becca, I saw batiks in Seattle the other day and my heart welled up with overwhelming missing-ness for you. Two weeks! Kick some art butt!