Sunday, February 4, 2007

All in a day

The flea market a few weeks ago. Ghost town right? This is the real flea market.
This is an Arab dude trying to sell us stuff. These guys are good. All the merchants were amazing! So many stories! One dude used to make jewelry for Cher and other celebrities. I had a conversation with another Arab who is from Jerusalem and we just chatted a little bit. Another guy was in the movie Skinwalkers. He told us he was the guy in the birthday suit. What do you say to that?
Fire in the hole! Whoa, that's a big hole!
A fountain by Window Rock that we got a little creative with

Hiding in our own corner of Canyon de Chelley

We kinda got stuck in the canyon for a few hours cuz Eric had to hold the place together

Some of us, unfortunately not me, took a short cut down this crevice. But I got to take some amazing pictures!!

Paul Caponigro took some amazing pictures of Canyon de Chelly once upon a time. This is sort of like his (but his is in black and white)
And this is me one-upping Mr. Caponigro!

(And this is completely my own)

So lots of pictures today... but I just found out how to add more than 5! Hope you enjoyed them!


Josh said...

wow becca - those are some amazing shots. i especially like the one of the tree at the bottom of this post. it's a sweet pic. i'm glad you're enjoying yourself. and i'm glad the kids are warming up to you, too. have a great week!

Andrea said...

Becca, I miss you. Are you full-time teaching yet? Mine starts next week. Starting to freak out a bit.

Mason Welsh said...

Yay for pictures