Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thoughts on the big hole in the earth

Don Miller calls it an inverted mountain, and that canyons don't get enough credit. I agree. Mountains you can see from a distance and get a good idea about what they are about. Canyons you have no idea until you are right up against it. And even then, the depths are unimaginable. We hiked down a little bit. A little bit is an hour long hike plus the hour and a half back up. I have no clue what it would be like to be at the bottom. Someday I would love to do that! There is waterfalls down there!!
I've really discovered my joy for hiking here. That goes way back to taking every possible trail or even trail blazing the small chunk of woods during camping trips... remember that brothers? I just always want to know what's around the corner, to see more (and to take more pictures!) and think more about creation and all the metaphors that come out of that. For the most part I don't have time enough to think about it, mostly because I'm so overwhelmed by EVERYTHING I'm seeing! I think I"m visually overstimulated. Is that possible for an artist to be? I think that it's more possible actually.

Reflected Sunset
No that isn't the bottom! You won't see it til you get there.
Only a short way down
There were lots of mules on the trail, but only this one horse!
He's a gonner.


Denise said...

Poor poor Chris! He should've listened to us and not jumped off the canyon! ;)

Nikki said...

hey beautiful! glad you had a great time at the canyon - beautiful, eh?