Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not what you might think

What kind of a school allows you to be late for things, and not to apologize if you are, let's dogs into the classroom, and absolutely everyone you meet is friendly? That's Rehoboth for you. I'm sure there are wierder things to come.
Here's yesterday's story which includes all of the above: Dave took his dog to class that morning because there is noone at home right now to watch her. All the kids know the dog's name and it was really crazy to walk up and down the hall with the dog while everyone calls out "Lucy!" Later that day, I was walking from the High school art building over to the Elementary classrooms to join up with the 1st grade art session. I was trying to be on time, but Andy told me very pointedly that being on time is not what it's all about here and that he knows how crazy the schedule is so don't worry about it, etc. But I was still trying to be responsible and all that stuff I still think is important. Then this guy was walking towards me on the opposite side of the street, carrying trash, and he and I say hello, then meet eachother and chat for a bit. His name is Michael and tells me he has a 16 year old daughter named Rebecca (neat!) and that I could pray for her. Then he asks what he could pray for me about, and as soon as I tell him, he asks if we could pray right away together! It was a total God thing! I love meeting new people and getting to know more about them than just "hey" and trying much too hard to remember their name! It was totally random, and totally amazing. I was late, but I didn't care (and apparently I'm not supposed to).
That was yesterday. Today was similar: Teacher's meeting with alot of joking and messing around (a lot of business too, but very laid back) Dog at the meeting and in the classroom. Completely student-led yearbook "class" a large afternoon break, teacher offering money to a 6th grader for his artwork, and meeting another complete stranger, which was just as cool though not so explicit in blessing. Oh, and I also talked to the Bible teacher and he told me how one of his classes, the one that's supposed to be on Ministry and Missions is composed of students that are non-believers. Then later a student is showing Dave a DVD about Joseph Smith, and yep, she is a Mormon. Alot of Mormons are around here trying to convert the Navajo because they view them as the lost tribe of Israel. So it 'makes sense', but it's still sad. (but not a lost cause!)

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