Tuesday, January 9, 2007

first days

I met with both of my cooperating teachers today. It looks like my schedule won't be too bad. I guess it will make up for my second semester being terrifically full and busy.
Anyway, they are both really cool guys that I'll be working with and I simply can't wait to get to the actual teaching part of this thing. After seeing the classrooms and knowing how they are set up and knowing who I'm working with, my mind is much more at ease about the whole thing. I even met some students. One of them gave me some candy called "Almond Rocke" or somethig like that. It's not a New Mexico thing, more of a west coast thing.
The high school classes are 3-D and an advanced studio class. I love 3-D so this should be a blast! I actually think the little kids will be tougher. We'll see.

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