Sunday, January 7, 2007

Highlights of my break

Yeah, I'm in New Mexico, but I really don't have a whole lot to say about this place yet. Break was really short but there is a lot to say about it. So here we go:

Christmas was late for us and it was in Colorado. I like to keep mentioning this for Mason's sake for it irritates his jealous side to no end. Mountains are amazing and I have concluded that I like snow a whole lot more with mountains in the background. It is somehow much more appropriate.

Balderdash is still the best game ever. Colly wobbles: to mock one's family constantly. Actually it means a belly ache but you know... belly aches happened and were mocked so it still works.

Learning to ski in Colorado isn't the smartest idea. Especially when the bunny slopes are shut down that day. I pretty much tumbled down the hill. The best parts of this experience are the same as the low points. For example: Pummeling down the mountain at top speed realizing I have to stop but probably won't, repeating to myself: I wish to stop, I wish to stop! and then stopping, SOMEHOW. But still hyperventalating for about 3 minutes. Some of my falls were pretty sweet too. Oh, here is a God thing for you: A complete stranger let me use half of her Buy one Get one for a lift ticket. That was ALL good. I was pretty bruised up afterwards: Battle scars!

Traveling to New Mexico was not so cool. People don't know how to drive around here. I was stopped on the interstate for about an hour. And again in Albuquerque. I took no wrong turns there, but they sure were trying to keep me there!

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