Thursday, September 13, 2007

All in a week's work

So long, no blog. But here I am again, and this time with something to say! (and there was great rejoicing)

So this is my week in a nutshell:

Sunday night: reluctantly call Mason back after I figure out he knows I'm still awake: darn Facebook (aka stalker program)
Monday morning: recieve telephone call from school at 7:45 when I should have been at school 10 minutes earlier! yikes, but if it weren't for talking to Mason, my cell phone wouldn't have been nearby and I would have been much, MUCH later! yay Providence! I had set my alarm for 5:45 PM! oops!
End of 1st hour class (still Monday!) Student falls off chair and sprains ankle. great.....
Tuesday: Bible study meets for first time. We joke through our prayer requests as Sarah needs a big fish and I need a kick in the pants. Guys cringe so much when you say that!
Wednesday: Babysit a kid with an attention span lasting 1/2 the length of any activity!
Thursday: Listen to Jack Johnson in Library class (the sharing song from Curious George soundtrack) oh Jack!
Tomorrow: Try my first field trip! Here goes nothing!
Saturday: First football game? --- EVER
Sunday: a hike up in the 'high country' to see some pines turning their colors!


Laurelin said...

Becca! I have a blog! So you should see it. And I heard that story about you being late:). I miss you terribly!

bittersweet leaves said...

how'd it all go?

Laurelin said...

Yep, my current residence is in the Solomon Islands. Haha, I just wanted to do somewhere other than where I actually lived, and the Solomon Islands sounded as good as any. Now I'll have to visit there someday just because:).

Laurelin said...

Becca, what is it with you and trying to get me to bear my soul;).