Saturday, November 10, 2007

I LoVe......

Cheap clothes and chairs at thrift stores
that my 'check engine' light is off (this has never happened in the history of the Postma family)
that that happened for free (thanks Brian!)
that I also got a sideview mirror for free
that the outdoors can make me happy
that it is 70 degrees and it is also November
that my roommate can hug me after arguing
Inta Juice and the ginseng/licithin that is making me so happy!
that Sarah loves Fiest and is taking me to a concert
Free music and Radio stations that are simply amazing
cooking for friends who don't hate me when I screw it up
My Bible study that is sooo amazingly comfortable, safe, and inviting
My pastor who won't let us stay comfortable
Fresh Air
That I am doing grown-up things in an un-grown up way
That I can talk to all my family members and that they all care about me no matter how far away I am
That life is a rollercoaster
That I can smell and see and be and live
Irish music on the radio
That my computer 'works' and I didn't have to pay a thing
That the mountains are only an hour away and so is Denver
That my back hurts because of go-karts and kicking butt at it
Awkwardness. seriously. Embrace awkwardness, it is what binds us together.

Ok... you think i'm rambling, crazy, high or something right now, but it is all good. I'm having a terrific day and I am attributing it all to a)Jesus b)people around me c)the weather and d)intajuice!


bittersweet leaves said...

A post!

Speaking of Ireland, there's a hilarious phone call on YouTube with a little Irish girl asking that a demolition company blow up her school. It's hilarious and comes with an Irish accent! Check it out. :)

High five and a butt slap!

Nikki said...

I love you! Sorry I haven't called in forever-ever. We shall talk soon. I love your brother and sister-in-law. They rock! So do you!