Sunday, July 22, 2007

Officially Grown-up (or so it appears...)

Yeah, so I got a job. Strange to think about it really. I'm moving to a town I've never seen before. One more week and I'll be in Greeley (Colorado!). With mountains for a background (that don't block the sunset!) and every Friday off (that's right!) The school is Dayspring Christian Academy and it is a four-day school week! Longer days of course, but I'll take that deal. Some would refer to it as 'posh'. I might agree, but I figure I got alot to make up for in my first year of teaching that I don't think any job could be 'posh' just yet. Oh and here's the wierdest part: It's 1/3 art and it's 2/3 library. One class for middle school and one class for high school and the rest is library time. I get to read books to children which makes my sister-in-law Amanda WAY jealous. It's fun to remind her of that, but in all reality I'm going to be calling her ALL the time for help! I have alot to learn!


bittersweet leaves said...

are you all packed up yet? do you have a place to live? does sarah have a job?

Nikki said...

yay! job. congrats, again, that's so exciting :) When will you be moving?

Hannah said...

Sounds cool! Hope the beginning of school is going well!