Monday, June 25, 2007

May (Flower); June (Bug)

The month of June. Weddings of Friends and Family. Trips to IA, NE, CO, UT, NV, CA, AZ, NM, WI, IL, IN (and back again to MN). But I'm in IA now. Do you follow? me neither. How many people can say they've been to the Grand Canyon twice in a year. I can. I'm crazy. But I like it the way. Oh yeah, and I also saw both coasts within two weeks. And wittle brudder gradumatated in May. Now I'm settling back into the midwest for a spell. Dordt Discovery Days and Junior High drama is upon me. Meanwhile, my mind swarms with possibilities of where my life might take me in the next few months. My creative imagination takes me to the urban environment of Minneapolis, to a less different, but farther away atmosphere of Colorado, or as foreign as a school in Liberia. Who knows? Surely not I.

Two God-stories for you as you partake of my little adventure called the future: So I emailed a friend of a friend's parent asking about the boys and girls ranch that he runs. He emails back and says that he isn't at the ranch anymore, he is the director of a school. AND this school needs an art teacher! Well, then..! That is the Colorado job.

At about the same time, my sister-in-law Amanda is telling me about her old roommate who has been in Africa for a year. This girl's team members are a bit emotionally unstable. One of them is so emotionally unstable that she is not allowed to return to Africa. Leaving a spot open (for me?!?) Why not?

Dale Chihuly blown glass at the Fairchild Tropical Gardens (Miami Florida)

Above we have the feet in the Great Salt Lake Yay! Road tRiP. Below we have the perfect picnic lunch: Target parking lot!

Pre-Wedding Fun: Go-Karts! And below: Rehearsal! Yay sister! and Jon has the giggles. What else is new?


bittersweet leaves said...

Have fun at DDD!

Courtney said...

Hey Becca! It's Courtney. I didn't know you had one of these. You can check out mine too if you want. I hope you are going to have a great "rest of the summer!"


Mason Welsh said...

Your public eagerly awaits updates!

Katrina said...

The salt lake water looks like green oooozzee.. gross.