Friday, March 2, 2007

Last Week

My final week here has been a whirlwind of traveling, finishing projects and packing. I'm in that final stage right now. That dreadful part of any trip when one must leave. One must pack up all their belongings and stuff it together in a car. Ick. The worst part of packing was when I came across my hat, mittens, and scarf. I wanted to tuck them at the bottom of a box. But alas, I must keep them handy. Strange. Cursed items!

In retrospect, my week started out marvelously. I was sent on a field trip to Santa Fe. I traveled alone, taking in the city and the art with only myself to probe and ponder. Although, the people of Santa Fe, and just this whole area, are extremely kind and generous of spirit. So many people talked to me and helped me find my way. The first person I talked to was a vendor and she had some prints so I talked to her about Jake Van Wyk and she told me what she does and how she does it and her inspiration and then she told me all the great shops to see on Canyon Road and gave me a map and everything! It was perfect! Especially since one of the Museums was closed and I would have been floundering otherwise!! I did go to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum though and became completely convinced that she is absolutely amazing!!
This is one of my favorite sculptures on Canyon Road. And below is the closest thing to home I've seen in a long time.

Also in the art room, we had presentations of their paper plate sculptures. What d'ya think?
One last tribute to Rehoboth as I give you a lovely picture of the art room. No comment. You can comment, I'm not gonna.

At church rock the kids ALL hugged me (no really, they all hugged me, like, at the same time!) I was pretty much mobbed. And they gave me a lovely note too. It was precious!

This will be the last post I have under this title. This is sad. But the show must go on... or as said so eloquently: "that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse."

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Your classroom looks pretty happy and sunny!