Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh the wonders!

who are you going to vote for? Well, I don't know. I probably won't know til I actually do it. How bout you?

I just saw the thinnest noodle on TV.

Awkwardness does love company, it's proven everyday.

Pudding hugs my mouth.

Ducks only like me if I have bread.

My lake is pretty.

Walking in the fall is wonderful.

Shall I go to Uganda or South Africa?

Mountains can disappear.

SNL is hilarious, especially during the Political season.

Hooray for angry songs that sound happy, even if they are by Pink!

Ooh, I still have rhubarb ice cubes!

Some people want the latest technology, I'm happy to have radio and turn signals again!!

And to all who read this, I miss you!

1 comment:

Rachel:) said...

Becca, you live in colorado? what part? Imiss it, it was warm there!
What lake is yours? I love ducks and bread, i got picked up by a guy in a park with a lake and ducks when i lived in denver. have you found a church? i know one!:) Do you have a boyfriend? try to pick up a guy in a park, they are fun!:)