Monday, June 23, 2008

breathe in breathe out

Well, I haven't said much, in a long while. And my life has changed alot since then, but it has changed back, so really you didn't miss much. But then again, perhaps you missed it all. Perhaps I did too. I realize I am very cryptic, but I really don't care. This is my place to be as vague as humanly possible and not really care whether or not any of you understand me. But it is also my place to be quite the opposite and not really care if I offend any of you. Because after all you may not read it or you may not tell me that you do. Or I might not have talked to you in ages. Or I might not even know who you are. Crazy how this works.

I'm on an escapade of escape and recoil this summer. I'm a complete sloth and I don't care. Actually I do, and that is the problem. I read some, I doodle some, have high hopes of grand projects, stalk people on Facebook, dread my grad school classes that are quickly approaching, jam to music of all sorts, drink lots of IntaJuice, make better plans for next summer (Africa!). But mostly I'm just a sloth, and I'm told that this is ok, because I am a teacher and I need to recuperate. I think I need somebody to tell me that it's not ok and kick my butt and tell me what to do, or even do it with me. That's what I need. But my challenge is to do this all without that motivation and I'm slowly rising to it. I think I might volunteer at Habitat for Humanity for a day a week, just to kick me in my own butt. And it would be fun too. We went and helped in Windsor the other day for tornado relief. We basically organized a ton of donated goods. That was good, but I want to build something, paint something, fix something.

This is a worthless post and I do apologize, but at least you know I'm still posting, and that I will post something more enlightening in about a month.


bittersweet leaves said...

I will see you soon! I feel tired all the time, but I've been chasing junior high kids and my own nephews around. Are you taking classes this summer? For library science? What's the deal? I know nothing! Argh, ambiguity!

Katrina said...

not worthless at all! I feel the same way myself, having all this free time this summer... but yes, we are recuperating, though i'm not a teacher :) I love your post though... sloth? I didn't really think of myself that way... lazy maybe, but sloth? haha.. you're so funny!