Saturday, February 9, 2008

quotable quotes

A few pickings of my brain that I want to call quotes. My own, noone else's. Though they are not copyrighted. So go ahead and steal them if you want. you live with the guilt! hahah.. *meniacal laughter*

" No two people are not alike" this is a little spinoff of the phrase from homestar runner that says 'No two people are not on fire'. But seriously though, I've just been thinking about how alike I once thought I was with some people and now I'm seeing so many differences and it kinda bugs me in some ways and in other ways it's great because I see that I am ME. and no one else. I find more and more that Identity issues are a key thing in life. We all struggle with it and more importantly we all need to. And to top that off, I just have to say that when I see my identity as being in Christ everything else just gets way simpler.

"The outpouring of the soul leads to nothing human" This is just something I thought of when I poured my heart out once upon a time and the person I was talking to didn't help me at all and in fact made matters worse. Venting is good and everyone needs to do it, but I won't really ever get anything out of that process. Even when you do think someone understands you, they won't always be there. Only One person remains, as the Listening Ear and the Comforting Shoulder. That sounds a little superficial, and it is a little. Because I am still very sad about it.

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